SBR Banks


The entire Dutch economy uses one common language to exchange all financial information with banks and other financial service providers: fast and real time. This enables us to move easily between businesses, intermediaries and financial service providers. How? By means of Standard Business Reporting: S-B-R.


SBR Banks was created by ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank to standardise the exchange of financial information concerning organisations and private individuals. A taxonomy is used for this exchange of information – similar to a dictionary. This dictionary contains the terms of the ‘reporting language’ that the banks have agreed with the supplying parties. This common language makes it possible to exchange information digitally.


To facilitate this exchange of information from different sectors, different taxonomies are required. Valuers and real estate managers, for instance, report using other terms and definitions than lease companies, pension funds or insurers. Banks, intermediaries and a large variety of businesses all need to be able to identify their own reporting language in these dictionaries. And it should be clear for everyone requiring credit what steps are necessary to be able to use SBR. Want to learn more? Open this presentation (link naar vertaalde big picture).

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